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Scope and Services:

TIA USA offers a full range of elevator and escalator inspection, consulting, and maintenance management services. Whether you need your equipment permit in The State of Nevada, require an inspection and State permit, TIA USA ensures all your equipment meets safety and legal requirements.

Our elevator and escalator inspection services provide our customers with certification for all types of equipment, from hydraulic elevators and traction elevator systems, crane & lifting equipment to wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiter lifts, and even moving walks. Our trained team of experts conducts elevator safety inspections, escalator safety inspections, We do service residential equipment and provide home elevator inspections, too, for Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada. If you’re looking to have a home elevator inspected , give us a call. 

As a technical inspection agency, TIA USA also offers marine and offshore elevator services, including inspection, testing, and certification for all types of elevators on various vessels. We work with commercial, government, military, and offshore contractors to meet your needs. We offer “only on offshore” elevator maintenance, repair, modernization, and installation for any size project.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Third party inspection for the following; All type of cranes, Lifting equipment and accessories.
  • Third Party Inspection For Elevators & Escalators.
  • Consultancy for elevator installation, maintenance and modification.
  • Scaffolding inspection, calculation and design
  • Advanced NDT inspection i.e. MPI, LPI, UT
  • Earth Moving and Isolation Test
  • Scaffolding Training in all levels
  • Rigging/Banksman Training in all levels
  • Crane Operator Training in all levels.
  • Automotive lift Inspection
  • Health, safety & environmental training in all levels.
  • Lifting operation supervision & management
  • Management System consulting & Certification (second stage).
  • Accident investigation.
  • Reaching out to maintenance companies to schedule on your behalf
  • Scheduling 2-3 months out, so you are ready once you receive your 60-day notice
  • Informing the state of projected inspection dates
  • Requesting permit extensions as needed
  • Submitting inspections to the state within 10 business days
  • Following up on any NOV’s (notice of violations) with the maintenance company within 30 days
  • Ensuring that all of the NOV’s are cleared within the state’s records once notified
  • Following up with the state until you receive your permit

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