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Our Promise

Our team of engineers and inspectors are committed to maintain paramount safety, health, and welfare of the public in accordance with the QEI-1 Standard in the performance of their professional duties and offer fully comprehensive inspection services to our customers. All our inspection experts are QEI certified and state approved inspectors to perform safety and compliance inspection.

Safety & Compliance

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME
  • American National Standards Institute, ANSI
  • National Fire Protection Association, NFPA
  • National Electrical Code Committee NEC
  • The American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE
  • The International Building Code (IBC)
  • NAEC, National Association of Elevator Contractors
  • NEII, National Elevator Industry Inc.
  • NAESA, National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities
  • AEMA, Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association
  • NAVTP National Association of Vertical Transportation Professionals

Reliability & Trust

TIA USA’s range of services ensures that all your elevators & escalators meets safety and legal requirements, as well as service availability expectations of stakeholders. Our experts are qualified to provide escalator and elevator certification, testing, and inspection for escalators and elevators services in all major markets.

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